Clutterfree with Kids – Book Review

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I just finished reading my first book on minimalism, Clutterfree with Kids, and I thought it was a really good book. Joshua Becker is the author of the blog Becoming Minimalist.

I have a 7-month-old daughter, Mia, and I picked this book because I thought there might be some really valuable advice that could be very relevant to me. Also, I always thought of having kids as somewhat synonymous with living in clutter, so I was curious to know how he handled it.

Josh did recycle some material from his blog, but it was well organized and easy to read so that didn’t bother me at all (and for $5.59 on the Kindle, you can’t really go wrong). He referred to a lot of personal experiences and provided some solid and actionable advice on how to deal with a number of situations.

The book covered topics ranging from how to get started, to how to get rid of the difficult or emotional items, different benefits you can expect to experience, how to handle a spouse who’s not on board, and how to get the kids involved (among many other topics).

I thought this book was very relevant to me and a great read to get me kickstarted on this journey.  At that price, I would recommend it to anyone who’s looking at removing some clutter from their lives and gaining a bit more freedom.

I saw this on Facebook today, actually, haha. How fitting.